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Note bene: If you book a reservation on here fewer than 24 hours before arrival, please confirm by calling our toll-free number or you might find yourself sharing a room with someone who snores a lot and doesn't love you.

1840 Tucker House Bed and Breakfast Policies
Room charges will not be incurred if cancellation occurs seven days prior to the day reserved or if we are able to rebook the room. Please call with any cancellation so we can work with you or talk you into coming anyway.

The use of tobacco products is prohibited anyplace on the five-acre property of 1840 Tucker House Bed and Breakfast. If you’re still a smoker, you may choose to smoke on or in anything that you own. But, NO SMOKING is allowed on any part of the property owned by 1840 Tucker House.
Check-in is after 3:00 PM and check-outs are at 11:00 AM unless you want to be here to help us sanitize toilets and bathrooms and dust and vacuum every inch of every room.

While we don’t encourage bringing small children to Tucker House, children are welcome with advance notice – except our own grandchildren who are welcome anytime, of course. 

Pets may be boarded nearby with advance notice. They need a vacation too.

1840 Tucker House Bed and Breakfast Policies
1840 Tucker House Bed and Breakfast Policies
 Reservations and payment may be made by American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, personal check, traveler's check, or cash. Ask about washing dishes, cleaning toilets, weeding the garden, answering the phone at 2:00 AM or cleaning the pool in exchange for payment.

Reservations for Kentucky Derby weekend (first Saturday in May), Breeders' Cup, Ryder Cup, PGA or for weddings, receptions, parties, luncheons, retreats etc.must be made directly with the owners. Even the owners can't afford to stay here during the Derby.
No oils or bubbles may be added to the whirlpool tubs. This protects you from the other guy's bubbles.

Please give us an estimated check-in time so we can greet you personally. Somehow, a note on the front door that tells you to "hit the first bed you find" just doesn't seem in keeping with Kentucky hospitality.

Children under 16 are not allowed in the swimming pool without an adult. No one should swim alone at any time. No glassware or bottles are allowed at the pool. All that water that would have to be drained because of broken glass would be very expensive on your credit card.
1840 Tucker House Bed and Breakfast Policies
No swimming is allowed in the lake unless you love frogs, fish, ducks, a huge snapping turtle, and mud.

Many features at Tucker House are inherently dangerous, including, but not limited to: the swimming pool, the lake, the woods, any indoor or outdoor steps or walks, animals (including our ferocious dog Gibby), plant life, and last but not least, the innkeepers themselves. By making reservations, all guests agree to hold 1840 Tucker House and its owners and managers harmless against any claim made by or any injury to the guests or their family or friends whom they bring upon the property. Hey, it's rough and tumble living out here in the country with these critters and varmints.